Community work in Greenways

Greenways has always attempted to assist the local community and environment in various ways and is proud to share a recent newspaper article of positive security activity and a water collection challenge.

An article which appeared in our local newspaper, the DistrictMail, commending our security guards on a ‘Job well done’ in apprehending suspicious-looking characters seen walking along the beachfront outside the confines of Greenways.

The police were notified, who then took charge of the situation. A car parked outside Greenways had been broken into and the stolen goods, as identified by the owner, were found in the possession of one of the men who was then taken into custody by the police.

Congratulations to our security guards who, not only look after the interest of Greenways, but are also alert to suspicious activities outside our Estate. Thank you.  

Security goes beyond our boundary

Water collection challenge reaps dividends

Residents of Greenways took up the challenge and a huge amount of water was collected.

Thanks to Launa (Restaurateur at the Anchor Bay restaurant housed at the clubhouse) for promoting this initiative and delivering the water to the stricken farmers in the Free State. Also to Jimmy’s Trailer Hire for sponsoring the trailer to transport the water as well as all who assisted in the collection.