The Estate is managed by Micsam Management & Secretarial Services CC.

An on-site office, housed within the clubhouse, runs the day-to-day affairs of the Estate. It is manned by an Estate Manager and his assistant, Any queries, suggestions, complaints, registration etc. should be directed to this office. They offer friendly assistance and hope to make your stay in Greenways a memorable one.

Other than the beachfront, the Estate is fully walled. The beachfront area is protected by means of rotating surveillance cameras that transmit images to a control room within the Estate. Patrol guards are also on constant duty in this area as well as within the remainder of the Estate.

Only two gates with boom restriction, fully controlled by security guards, allow access to the Estate. All security is on a 24 hour basis and supplied by an independent company.

There are 4 separate sectional title schemes, each with its own Body Corporate and House Rules and represented by five Trustees voted for at their respective AGM's. These schemes comprise:

Emerald Bay

Golf Beach

All members of the Sectional Title Schemes pay a levy towards the maintenance of their own scheme as well as the levy required by the governing body (HOA) of the Greenways Estate. This entitles members to make use of all amenities within the confines of their individual Sectional Title Schemes as well as those within the common property of Greenways eg. golfcourse, tennis courts, etc.

Besides being governed by their own House Rules, being incorporated within the Greenways Estate also makes them subject to the Greenways Constitution and House Rules.

The Sectional Title Scheme corporates are not compelled to use the management Agent of the Greenways Estate and may use their own prerogative in the choice of one.

Bermuda Beach

Laguna Beach

Estate layout

All owners are governed by the Greenways’ Estate Constitution and Conduct Rules and pay a levy toward the upkeep of the Estate. This entitles them to all amenities within the common area of the Estate but not within the confines of the Sectional Title Areas as this is regarded as Private Property.

Even here the estate comprises two individual sections separated by the Soet River.

Village Green


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Full title deeds

Sectional Title Schemes

Living in Greenways

Greenways is unique as a composite golf estate in that it comprises a micro-cosmos of different entities. The Estate is composed of several Sectional Title Schemes as well as properties that have full title deeds and property values range from R 700 000 to  R 15 000 000. In total there are 649 units within the Estate.